The Latest design dumbwaiter, small lift

Easy to install, Low price

Widely used in residence, restaurant, kitchen, hotel, home, school

Dumbwaiter Video Dumbwaiter models

Dumbwaiter Features


Various heights, 1 meter to 8 meters.

With main body, rail, pallets, buttons, control case, fixed block, motor.

The lifting speed is adjustable. (0.1-0.5m/s)

Stop position and travel distance are adjustable.


dumbwaiter video


Easy to install and disassemble, save space, low cost,

Main body aluminum alloy, high strength, waterproof and rustproof.

Multiple trays can be installed

It is widely used in restaurants, kitchens, hotels, schools, residential area and other places.

Hdumbwaiter Advantages

Low Cost

Lower price than other style dumbwaiters.

Easy to install and disassemble

The entire installation process can be done by yourself,saving installation costs.

Save Space

Installation requires only a small space, reducing decoration damage

Multiple trays

Multiple trays can be added

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