Dumbwaiter Honduras

The Latest design dumbwaiter, food lift, small grocery lift, mini elevator for dishes. Widely used in restaurant, kitchen, hotel, residence, home, bank, shop, garage, attic, stairs, outdoor

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HDumbwaiter Model and Specification

dumbwaiter Honduras

The latest design

With main body, rail, trays, buttons, control case, fixed block, limiter device, motor.

Travel distance from height 1m to 15m, can be customized.

Stop position is adjustable.

Travel distance is adjustable.

Can be with multiple trays.

Load capacity 30-70 KG.

Lifting speed: 0.1-0.5 m/s, adjustable.

Tray size: 0.4*0.6m.

Support base optional: Suitable for uneven walls.

Widely used in restaurant, kitchen, hotel, residence, home, bank, shop, garage, attic, outdoor. For lifting food, grocery, dish, cash.



Other height can be customized. Can be with multiple trays.

Model Applicable floors Travel Distance Trays.
HD250 For 2 floors 0-2.5m, adjustable with 1 tray
hd300 For 2 floors 0-3m, adjustable with 1 tray
hd350 For 2 floors 0-3.5m, adjustable with 1 tray
hd400 For 2 floors 0-4m, adjustable with 1 tray
hd450 For 2 floors 0-4.5m, adjustable with 1 tray
hd500 For 2 floors 0-5m, adjustable with 1 tray
HD3F For 3 floors   with 1 tray


Honduras dumbwaiter
Honduras dumbwaiter
dumbwaiter Honduras

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we supplied to Honduras, Choloma, Islas de la Bahia, Francisco Morazan, Yoro, Copan, Olancho, Choluteca, La Paz, Gracias a Dios, Cortes, Santa Barbara, Colon, Lempira, Atlantida, Intibuca, El Paraiso, Valle, Comayagua, Ocotepeque,

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