Cargo stair lift, platform stairlift, standing stair lift

For lifting groceries, goods, cargo, foods. For wheelchair. For people. It is widely used in stairway, slopes, etc, load capacity up to 250 KG.

Stair dumbwaiter, Cargo Stair lift

stair lift

Stair lift for goods, stair dumbwaiter

Fixed to the wall along the stairs

Space saving, Foldable tray

Travel distance from 1 meter to 15 meters, can be customized.

Stop position is adjustable.

Travel distance is adjustable.

Can be with multiple trays.

Light model load capacity 30KG

Heavy model load capacity 150KG.

Voltage : 110 V or 220 V

Lifting speed: 0.1-0.7 m/s, adjustable.

Platform size: 0.4*0.5m or 0.4*0.6m, platform size is customizable.

Double Tracks is optional.

Support base optional: Suitable for uneven walls.

Automatic sensing can be customized.

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Platform Stair lift, for wheelchair and goods

The inclined platform stairlift mainly provides services for wheelchair users to climb up and down stairs. Its advantages are safety and reliability, easy to use, smooth operation, and stable system. The three outward faces of the platform are equipped with safety guards. When the platform movement is obstructed, it can stop moving. The platform can be folded up when not in use to reduce space occupation.


The wheelchair stair lift platform is an accessible safety device installed in a corridor system that uses electric motors to move up and down the track and carry passengers. It consists of a driving system, guide rails, mobile platforms, etc. A specialized device used in building corridor systems for people who have difficulty climbing stairs or in wheelchairs. It mainly consists of the main drive system, auxiliary drive system, main control system, and safety system.


platform stair lift

Stairlift for wheelchair or goods

+Automatic acceleration and deceleration

+Intelligent charging

+Abnormal operation cannot run

Overcurrent relay protection device

+Platform abnormal operation protection device (safety protection system)

+Extreme limit automatic stop operation protection device

+Emergency stop device during operation

+The anti slip pattern and paint on the main pedal platform have an anti slip coefficient of no less than 0.85

+Easy to operate

+Intelligent continuously variable transmission

+Wide applicability

+Remote control

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Standing Stair lift

Small space standing stair lifts, standing stair lift for home, standing stair lifts for the elderly, easy to go up and down stairs. Easy to operate, one click opening and closing.


standing stairlift

Standing stair lift

Installed on the wall side staircase steps, it takes up little space and does not affect the original function of the stair.

The speed is adjustable.

The relay type system can meet the needs of multiple users using it simultaneously, without waiting, and can exchange between up and down platforms, which is very scientific.

Multifunctional design, standing model.

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