Stair lift Korea

Grocery lift elevator for stairs, incline platform lift, portable, electric, for lifting groceries, goods, foods, beverages, dishes. Widely used in shops, restaurants, hotels, stairs, slopes, etc.

Stairway lift elevator Models and Specifications

stair lift Korea


Travel distance from 1 meter to 12 meters, length can be customized.

Stop position and travel distance are adjustable. (Very easy to adjust)

Can be with multiple trays.

Load capacity, Single Track 30KG, Double-track 70KG.

Voltage : 220 V

Lifting speed: 0.1-0.7 m/s adjustable.

Automatic sensing can be customized.



We have single track and double-track model, normal model is single track. Double-track more load capccity.

Model Travel Distance Trays.
HDS250 0-2.5m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS300 0-3m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS350 0-3.5m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS400 0-4m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS450 0-4.5m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS500 0-5m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS600 0-6m, adjustable with 1 tray
HDS1200 0-12 meters, adjustable with 1 tray


We have supplied to Korea, Yeongi County, Seongnam, Hampyeong County, Hongcheon County, Ulleung County, Taean County, Pyeongtaek, Haenam County, Hoengseong County, Uljin County, Seosan, Pocheon, Gwangyang, Goseong County, Uiseong County, Seocheon County, Paju, Gurye County, Gangneung, Seongju County, Nonsan, Osan, Gokseong County, Donghae, Sangju, Hongseong County, Namyangju, Goheung County, Chuncheon, Pohang, Gyeryong, Icheon, Gangjin County, Cheorwon County, Mungyeong, Gongju, Hwaseong, Damyang County, , Gyeongsan, Geumsan County, Hanam, Boseong County, Suseong-gu, Gyeongju, Dangjin County, Gwangmyeong, Wanju County, Dalseong-gun, Gunwi County, Cheongyang County, Gwangju, Sunchang County, Daegu, Gumi, Cheonan, Gwacheon, Namwon, Yangsan, Goryeong County, Buyeo County, Guri, Muju County, Uiryeong County, Gimcheon, Boryeong, Gunpo, Jinan County, Tongyeong, Chilgok County, Asan, Goyang, Jeonju, Sancheong County, Cheongsong County, Yeongdong County, Gimpo, Jeongeup, Sacheon, Cheongdo County, Okcheon County, Gapyeong County, Jangsu County, Namhae County, Bonghwa County, Jincheon County, Dongducheon, Imsil County, Miryang, Andong, Jeungpyeong County, Bucheon, Iksan, Masan, , Jecheon, Anyang, Gunsan, Jinju, Goesan County, Anseong, Gochang County, Jinhae, Eumseong County, Ansan, Gimje, Hapcheon County, Danyang County, , Buan County, Hamyang County, Chungju, Yeosu, , Haman County, Cheongwon County, Yeonggwang County, , Hadong County, Cheongju, Yeongam County, Yeongwol County, Goseong County, Boeun County, Wando County, Yangyang County, Gimhae, Yongin, Suncheon, Yanggu County, Geoje, Yeoncheon County, Sinan County, Wonju, Geochang County, Yeoju County, Naju, Taebaek, Changwon, Yangpyeong County, Muan County, Sokcho, Changnyeong County, Yangju, Mokpo, Samcheok, Yeongyang County, Uiwang, Jindo County, Pyeongchang County, Yeongju, , Uijeongbu, Jangseong County, Jeongseon County, Yeongdeok County, , Suwon, Jangheung County, Inje County, Yeongcheon, Yesan County, Siheung, Hwasun County, Hwacheon County, Yecheon County,

Other countries we supplied:

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